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“Easy Like Sunday Morning…” ~ The Commodores

I love music on a Sunday morning.  I love rousing teenagers from there slumber with the alluring smell of pancakes and sausage.  Saturday night sleepovers mean more faces around our dining room table… folding chairs from the basement, sleepy bodies moving about helping to set the table, the smell of brewing coffee and of course, music!!

My Sunday morning consists of Pandora radio… sometimes Jazz, sometimes Country, sometimes R & B… but somewhere amongst all those genres I always find room for my Sunday morning anthem… “Easy” by The Commodores. What an amazing song!! Oh how it moves me… I just LOVE everything about it!  I pride myself in being ‘Easy’ ~ just slow down and understand and life can be easy ~ certainly everyone’s Sunday morning should be easy!  The lyrics include my favorite line in the whole song… “Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be, I’m not happy when I try to fake it.”  This line I find to be so true for so many.  How many of us go throughout our day trying to be something for someone else?  Is anyone really happy when they have to fake it?  I want my children to hear that and understand that and realize fully that they should never ‘be’ what someone else wants them to be… just be YOU!

“I want to be high…so high…I want to be free to know the things I do are right…I wanna be FREE, just me…”  I can’t say I know Lionel Richie’s true sentiments when he wrote that line, but everyone can interpret things anyway they wish, and for me that line says to be “high” on life… not substance.  I feel strongly that we can be “high” ~ that we can rise above all the negative, if we choose to, and be free ~ I believe it’s a choice.

Surrounding yourself on Sunday mornings with all the things you truly love ~ using all your senses… sight, sound and smell…can be the first step in becoming “Easy” in this life. I try hard to practice it each week in our home and it seems to carry me. I hope it helps to carry my children as well.

Be Easy all… Happy Sunday!!