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Why blog?

As I awoke this morning I found my mind to not be in the same creative place it usually is.  I found this to be sad.  Instead, I woke with personal questions surrounding my blog.  I have gotten a few followers over the last couple of days and this is exciting and fun. But something was different already this morning for me.  I began today wondering what they want to hear me say?  What did they like about my other posts that they might want to know more about? I began to think about the financial aspect of it all and questioned motives of my followers…do they like me for my writing or do they just reach out to all newbies in hopes of growing a business?  I questioned what my own motives are… I’ve always enjoyed writing and most of my writing has been journaling.  Am I hoping to reach the status of earning extra income some day or just for the love of writing?  Could it be both?  How much work besides the creative writing piece should I invest in trying for it to be more?

I believe I have the answer… At least I know what I WANT this to be and can hope that I find peace with allowing it to be so.  I want it to be a creative outlet not a business.  I want to share my thoughts and ideas about life and our world and see who else out there shares those ideas.  I want to discuss things, ponder things, gain knowledge from other points of view.

I sincerely thank anyone who wants to help me “build my blog” and make it something more… but for me ~  I just want to write, I just want to share.  I don’t want to bog down my personal thoughts with AdSense and Plug-ins… I may learn about those as I go along and may care one day. But for today, I am going to journal my thoughts and hope that my followers enjoy what they read and begin to share with me their own thoughts.

Happy blogging!!!

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What’s in a Blogger’s name?

When I was considering blogging I knew I needed to give myself a name.  A catchy name, a creative name, a name that would be short but yet do a good job at describing me.  I had other ideas… The Seasoned Mom,  The Wise Mom… I wondered about using my motto “Simplify and Slow down” with The Simple Mom… I wasn’t completely happy about any of those.  I didn’t want to pat myself on the back with my name, I didn’t want to define myself as something that I couldn’t live up to, so I decided to look inside of myself and I came up with The Bountiful Mom.

No one who knows me can deny that I have bounty, I have bounty on many levels and I am always happy to share.  I share love daily, I share food daily, I share smiles daily, I share whatever I have and another needs daily.  I even share thoughts and ideas even when no one wants to hear them! (That’s why I thought blogging might be great for me!)

I enjoy being bountiful.  I believe everyone has a bounty of something.  I believe we could all learn to share parts of ourselves for the betterment of others.  I wish people weren’t afraid of their own ideas.  I often see people shy away from sharing what’s inside of them because they feel it’s not “status quo”.  I feel everyone has valuable things inside of them that can and should be shared and embraced.  I guess in order for this to happen we all have to keep our minds open and ready for new ideas and new ways of looking at things.  And there lies the problem… The way I see the world isn’t the way everyone sees the world. I try hard not to get frustrated about this fact.  Let’s face it, even those I’m speaking of with closed minds have valuable things to offer us all… Their minds are closed for a reason, the way they look at the world was taught to them.

I do not believe anyone has ‘bad’ in them, I do not believe anyone wants to be ‘bad’.  Everything within somebody is a result of being conditioned or taught to be that way.  We all have good in us.  We all ~ deep within ourselves ~ want to have a purpose, we want to be something good for someone else.  Sometimes it just takes someone patient to enter our lives and convince us of it… Someone to help you find your bounty!!

Everyone can be bountiful!!