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This morning brought illumination.  My morning started early… SATs start early on Saturday morning. My son asked me late last night if I would go with him early to grab coffee and a bite to eat before his test time.  I was delighted to join him.  I was a bit groggy dressing in the dark and it was cold walking out the door, the car was cold, other than my son’s company there was not much to be out of my toasty warm bed for.

As we left our dark wooded neighborhood and approached the downtown area, the world began to illuminate.  The spots where you can peek through to the ocean took our attention…  First the clouds, pink and purple wispy clouds, “cotton candy” as my son described them.  We agreed to take a detour away from our destination and head for the ocean.  We drove to the seawall just in time to see the sun peek above the ocean and greet the new day.  The sky on the horizon was on fire.  What a wonder!  No matter how many sunrises you see, each one is filled with its own mystique.  The blazing colors of the clouds, the shimmering blue water, the time with my son… all of it a gift.

When we arrived at the coffee shop my son’s girlfriend was also there. Coincidence? I say not. He says yes. Maybe. Either way, my time with him had ended as quickly as it began. He shared with me that maybe it would just be easier if he just jumped in with her to go to the High School, I agreed, it was logical.  A bit disappointed I pulled out behind them, they drove together ahead of me, and I drove alone.  Up out of bed to spend time with him and he’s now gone off with someone else.  As I drove, it seemed silly to go home, the sun was rising in the sky and seemed to call for me to come back to the waters edge to greet it. I realized that the gift of time with my son had been just that, a true gift.  I embraced the time we were given and began to enjoy my time alone.  I sat with my coffee and watched the world illuminate in front of me as the sun began to splash color upon everything.  The fall colors of the trees were just magnificent, the sparkle of the water, the blue of the sky, the white trim of homes were whiter than white.   I drove around my town and took it all in.  I drove to the harbor to watch the osprey pole illuminate, to the beach and saw the glistening shells illuminate, to the pond by my grandmother’s old house and listened to the families of geese honk a friendly “Good Morning”… the reeds that surround the pond were ignited like candles by the sun, pure beauty surrounded me.  I drove home in awe… delighted to have had a reason to have gotten out of bed.  To be awakened to my new day this way.  I had had a long week at work and I truly needed this gift of enlightening this morning.  Thank you son for inviting me, I enjoyed my time with you.