The Beautiful Island

rsch112-exterior1-1  I know of a beautiful island.

An early morning walk on a crisp October morning shows truth.  Walking past vacant pristine homes, sitting above, beside and near the water.  The sun is rising on the water, boats shine whiter than you’ve ever seen against the deep blue of the harbor and the ocean.  The cormorants have fished for there breakfast and now rest on the dock drying their wings in the newly rising sun.  The dew from the cool morning shows each and every spider web along the shrub line of the pond, a misty fog lies just above the water.  The quiet allows each bird to sing a good morning greeting to passerby.  I am lucky enough to be who they greet.

This is my home.  Time was my own this morning, I chose to greet the day early.  Along my walk this morning I saw a truth.  I left my coffee in the car, making a conscious decision to plan to enjoy it later in the comfort of my own home.  Nalah (my dog) and I set out on a walk, from driving in the car this morning I knew it was a delightful morning, but then to step into it… To set out along the oceans edge and feel and smell the air ~ just magnificent! The beauty of course took me over, but what I also noticed is that it was only us on that road this morning.  We shared the space with one fisherman, one gentleman, who had just finished testing his line off a borrowed dock. He crossed the quiet road to his island-worn truck and we gave a friendly-knowing nod as we passed.  Each one of the picture perfect homes I passed had a porch, on the beach that faced the water, each home was vacant. Not a soul around to see the beauty and the magnificence that I was witnessing.  Not one person was sitting on even one porch enjoying their coffee, enjoying the view… not one family member from these homes were here to see this.  WOW! It just hit me… it was bizarre, it was sad.  I pictured where they might be right now?  These million dollar properties sit vacant while they do what? Where?  Were they sitting in traffic headed to work in the city while I looked over their property?  I thought about the cormorants sitting upon their dock… thinking of the expression “free as a bird”… so fitting to see the birds sunning themselves and enjoying the view.  I thought about going back and getting my coffee and walking through the inviting arbor leading down the stone path to their dock to enjoy it.  My thoughts then turned to alarms and cameras… trespassing.  Trespassing across beach and rocks on an unused property to enjoy the beauty of nature because I have the time and they don’t!?!?   The truth is these homes are clearly summer homes, maybe even just trophy homes that get frequented only one month out of a year… But it feeds the ego to have it, to possess it.  The sprinklers had run overnight on their perfectly manicured lawns, the heating or air conditioning units were running, and there were covered cars in the garages. Wow… But not one single person there to enjoy their coffee. Mind boggling!

I am thankful I am here. I am grateful for each new day.  I live in a beautiful humble home on a splendid island and I have a happy family.  As I grow in this life ~ in age, experiences and in wisdom ~ I become acutely aware of where my joy comes from.  Often I wonder if the people who possess those homes could possibly be as humble or grounded as I am?  Do they feel intense joy over the little things like I do or has life just gotten too big that they forget to be grateful?  Does the humility and gratitude come from working hard and having to look in on these situations from the outside?  I feel blessed to have the time and the grace to absorb a morning like today.  My mind is not always as clear as it is today, but I relish in my ability to reach this point of clarity. One thing I like to say ~ I am Blessed to know I am Blessed!